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        Feeding Folks in the Okanogan & Methow Valley's since 1976
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We  Cater
to You!
The selections on the Menu below are just some of the possibilities for your event. 
Call 509-422-1234 for custom  selections and custom pricing.
Below are just some of the ideas we can do for you...
Give us a call for custom menu creation and pricing.

Hors d'oeuvres
This is a short list of what we can do for your event!
These are all custom priced depending on size.

Pacific Prawns & Cocktail Sauce
BBQ Chicken Wings
Sweet and Sour Ribs
Spicy Meatballs
Garlic Toast & Artichoke Dip
Bruschetta with Assorted Toppings
Tomato Tarts Smoked 
Smoked Salmon Pate on Crackers
Bacon Basil Deviled Eggs 
Stuffed Mushrooms
Sweet Pepper Poppers
Asparagus and Olive Tray​

Party Platters
The combinations of wonderful food trays are endless!
These are all custom priced depending product & size.

Vegetable, Fruit, Meat & Cheese Trays
Bread and Cracker Trays, Wraps & Roll Ups! 10 Ideas to choose from
Sandwich Trays, several different types
BBQ Meat Platters, Smoked Meat Platters, Mini Burger Tray

Our Signature Entrees...
Below are a few ideas, don't see what you would like? Just ask!

Seafood Fettuccini
Salmon, Halibut, muscles, clams, shrimp in our creamy parmesan wine sauce.
Severed over fettuccini noodles topped with Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.

Grilled Miso Sockeye Salmon
Sockeye Salmon grilled to perfection in our miso honey glaze. Served with Basmati rice.

Sesame Chicken
Chicken thighs cooked in our amazing sweet and sour sesame sauce. Served over Chinese noodles.

BBQ Pork Ribs
Slow cooked boneless Pork Ribs in our amazing BBQ sauce. 

Beef and sautéed sweet onions layered with lasagna noodles and three cheeses and cooked 
in our wonderful cabernet sauvignon marinara sauce topped with fresh parmesan cheese! ​

Stuffed Manicotti- That’s Italian!
This is an amazing manicotti made in homemade crepes 
stuffed with sautéed rib steak & onions, with four cheeses and covered in our 
wonderful cabernet sauvignon marinara sauce topped with fresh parmesan cheese! ​

 Herb Chicken Fettuccini 
Tender WA chicken roasted to perfection served over fettuccini 
noodles in our parmesan cheese white wine sauce.
Alder Smoked Chicken Rigatoni
Alder smoked WA grown chicken thighs added to our creamy white sauce with sautéed 
onions and cranberries served over Rigatoni noodles topped with fresh parmesan cheese.
Optional to add fresh spinach. 

Here's the Beef....

Prime Rib
Slow cooked and succulent prime rib!

Barron of Beef
Slow cooked slightly smoked beef. Amazing!

Grilled Rib Steaks
The best steaks for grilling!

Beef Stroganoff
Succulent beef in our amazing beefy sour cream 
sauce served over home-style egg noodles. 
Topped with fresh parmesan cheese.

Side Salads

Tossed Green Bowl
Made with seasonal greens , veggies & our house made croutons. 
With your choice of 3 dressings. Ranch, Creamy Herb, Thousand Island, Blue Cheese, Italian 

Our Broccoli Bacon Cashew Salad
Lightly steamed broccoli florets, bacon, cashews, cranberries, red onions in a our house sesame sauce.

Our Famous Pasta Salad  
Penne Noodles, Artichoke Hearts, Cherry Tomatoes, Greek Olives, 
Red Onions, Red Bell Peppers, Parsley, and lots of feta and 
parmesan cheeses in our fresh made Italian dressing.

Our Caesar Salad
Fresh chopped Romain Lettuce, with our homemade croutons, 
parmesan cheese in our signature Caesar salad dressing!

The 'ol favorite! Macaroni noodles, olives, radishes, hard boiled  
eggs, celery, onions, dill pickles in a creamy mustard mayo sauce.

Our Country Cole Slaw 
Another one we are famous for! Cabbage, carrots, red peppers in our special slaw sauce!

Marinated Bean 
A traditional multi bean salad with onions and red bell peppers
A little on the sweet side and very yummy!

Our Red Potato Salad 
Made with wonderful red potatoes, celery, baby dills, 
olives, hard boiled eggs, sweet onions in our creamy mayo dill sauce.

Luncheon Entrees
Below are a few ideas, don't see what you would like? Just ask!

Sautéed sweet onions, spinach, eggs, feta and parmesan cheeses wrapped in 
individual serving filo loaves covered and cooked in butter. Served with our amazing 
cucumber dill sauce. Two per order.

BBQ Pork Burrito's!
Our version of a deep fried amazing burrito stuffed with bbq pork, green chili's
and rice. Topped with our sour cream pork sauce.

Main Dish Salads

Our Alder Smoked Chicken Salad
Salad greens, alder smoked chicken, tomatoes, red cabbage, red onions, 
carrots, cucumbers & garlic croutons. Served with our homemade bread.
Smokey Onion dressing.

Our Herb Roasted Chicken Salad
Salad greens, herb roasted chicken, tomatoes, red cabbage, red onions, 
carrots, cucumbers & garlic croutons. Served with our homemade bread.
Creamy Herb and Italian Vinaigrette dressings.

Our South of the Border
Romain lettuce, black beans, red peppers, sweet corn, red onions,  cherry tomatoes, green onions, 
tortilla chips, cheddar cheese, avocado & cilantro topped with our Chipotle Dressing.

Grilled Rib Steak Salad
Salad greens, grilled rib steak, sautéed sweet onions, cherry tomatoes
& garlic croutons. Blue cheese dill dressing. Served with our homemade bread.

Our Alder Smoked Salmon Salad
Salad greens, smoked salmon, spinach, asparagus
cucumbers, beets & garlic croutons. Served with our homemade bread.
Creamy cucumber lemon dill dressing.

Asian Noodle Smoked Chicken Salad
Chinese egg noodles, alder smoked chicken, snow peas, carrot, cucumber, red onions
corn, peanuts, cashews, sesame seeds. Tossed in our yummy peanut sauce dressing.


Chicken Vegetable , French Onion, Roasted Red Pepper, 
Tomato Butternut Squash, Jalapeno Potato, 
Corn Chowder,  to name a few...


Fresh Dinner Rolls Rounds
Our famous dinner large rolls with fresh cream butter

Fresh Garlic Herb Loaf 
This is a large loaf of our amazing garlic herb bread! 

Country Corn Bread
Another one of our signature breads! We make this melt in 
your mouth corn bread with sour cream and jalapenos'. 

Country Buns
Our famous Country buns made fresh!​

Side Veggies

Baked Beans 
Our famous baked beans are amazing!

Country Herb Bread Stuffing
Made with our delicious homemade bread with fresh butter, sautéed onions, 
celery, garlic, white wine and a variety of herbs and spices!

Baked Red or Russet Potatoes
Amazing fresh red or russet potatoes baked to 
perfection! Comes with butter, sour cream,
green onions and bacon crumbles.

Scalloped Potatoes & Honey Ham
These yummy red potato's cooked in our signature three cheese sauce 
with sautéed sweet onions and honey ham!

Garden Fresh Green Beans & Honey Ham
Garden fresh green beans cooked with maple smoked honey ham and sweet onions.

Ginger Honey Carrots
Sautéed sweet carrots in butter, ginger and honey. 

We offer Full Service Catering
We cook and serve at your location.
We offer our Drop Off service
All meals are prepared for you to serve.